Welcome to the World of Naboria, home of mighty warriors and secretive wizards, cunning rogues and devote priests. You will find here some of the standards races that populate most worlds, but also new, strange ones. Large empires of evil and kingdoms that are bastions of good will be on your path. Some civilizations will lead you to the darkest depths of the oceans or the cold deserts of the north. As you wander Naboria you will see empires rise and others fall. War is common it this dark time... which side will you join?

Following pages will help you make yourself a picture of Naboria:

Origins: An introduction to the creation myth of the world of Naboria.

History: Time table of the most important events in the history of the world.

Geography: General description of the geography of the world and overview maps.

Magic: Short description of the magical characteristics of Naboria and its people.

Coinage: A brief explanation on coinage and other methods of payment.

Calendar: A description of the different calendars and other time division units of Naboria.

You may also follow the links, both at the bottom of each page and on the navigation bar on the left:

Home: Enter the Shrine of Cendrash.

Overview: Come back to this page.

Races: Detailed information about the races of Naboria.

Realms: A more detailed description of the geography of Naboria, including information about the mayor kingdoms, empires and realms of Naboria.

Deities: Find out who will hear your prayers!

Rules: House Rules I use in my campaigs. This is mostly Open Game content based on the d20 game system of WotC.

Characters: Description of some of my characters.

Links: Links to RPG related pages and some of my own downloads.

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