My Characters

I have played for many years, testing many systems and campaings, running own characters or DMing. Most of the time (99.99999999999999999%) I played with Olaf, my "bestest" best friend back in Germany. I love each and every one of the characters presented here. It will take some time to put them all online, but some day, they will be all here ;)

AD&D characters

  • Cendrash, Lesser God of Rage of Krynn *grin*
  • Alejandro, a human soldier from Naboria.
  • Arash, oldest son of Cendrash. High Priest of Kossuth on Krynn.
  • Bardulf (coming soon), High Lord of the Knights of Takhisis.
  • Efeu, a nymphomanic kender amazone ;)
  • Gabrielle, a rich half-elf rogue from Northern Ergoth. Many say, she's more a half-kender :P
  • Kara, a little tiefling on a dark parallel Krynn.
  • Leeloo, an elven warrior-sorceress on Taladas, from the days before the first Cataclism.
  • Melio, a lucky kender thief from Ansalon.
  • Pish-o-ser (coming soon), a Dark Sun Halfling ranger.
  • Valandriel, a fighter-mage on Taladas, from the bloodline of Leeloo.
  • Valgrim, second son of Cendrash. A grim ranger and Rune Priest.
  • Wulfhelm uth Fearfold, Knight of the Rose. He likes to believe on the knightly behaviour and honour of the Knights of Takhisis.
  • Xikyros, a warrior-mage from Glorious Krystophan.


RIFTS characters

  • Black Angel, a deadly dark elf assassin.
  • Vladimir, a War Knight from Russia fighting Evil in Egypt.
  • Ivar, a Heavy Machine (Full Conversion Borg) from Russia.
  • Prus, a russian Mind Melter fighting the Coalition (hey, I'm not russian!)
  • Miko, a Japanese Mind Melter on a Road Trip.


DSA characters (German RPG)

  • Lorena Montero, a cute sorceress fighting the Evil One
  • Clarissa, a wandering and beautyful rogue ;)
  • Nebeltaenzer, an elven hunter that wanted to see a little more.
  • Urtugh, a grim warrion and excellent weapon/armour smith from Maraskan.
  • Murgrim, a dwarven fighter, who had a shameful death.
  • Xiomara, a Tsa pristess that choosed Rebirth because of a deadly accident.


World of Darkness

  • Miyu (Kindred of the East), a cold hearted assassin and sage who initiated the Japanese tradition of Geishas
  • Vicky (Werwolf), a Black Fury seeking wisdom to master the Apocalypse.
  • Joe, a jamaican Bone Gnower in N.Y.
  • Wasushitana (Demon Hunter), a deadly Shi that enforces the Heavenly Law and tries to protect The Middle Kingdom from the Western Devils.
  • Don Marcos, a peaceful and soft hearted La Sombra, leads a monastery in Medieval Spainof the 11th century.
  • David, a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, ehem... mad Malkavian


Star Wars

  • Iiskal, a force sensitive triani scout that meets the ultimative horror from deep space
  • Shumira, a little seckt looking for a good place to lay her eggs.
  • ...many soldiers K.I.A.


BGC and other Fuzion Campaigns

  • Julie Pretot, a vigilant from France fighting rampaging Boomers and BASF/Daymler agents in Berlin
  • I love the system, but I usually have to DM *snif*

There are many others that I forgot, lost the character sheets, or were not really memorable. And all those I haven't had the time to include here. Please be patient.


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