System: AD&D (Skills and Powers)

Personal Information

Name: CendrashPlayer: Octalus
Race: Gray dwarf (duergar)Gender: MaleHeight: 3'11"Age: 131
Class: FighterLevel: 25Weight: 150 lbs
XP: 4,450,000Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Next Level: 4,500,000Kit: Battlerager, Dwarven

Character History

Selfgiven title:
Cendrash, Voice of Reorx, Hand of Clangedinn, Protector of Mishakal and Bastet, Messenger of Death, Bringer of Chaos and Destruction.

Cendrash was the second born of a duergar king, Marshal of the Steeder Riders, on Taladas (Krynn). His mother died during his birth, in the year 277 (after the first Cataclism).

He has always been a megalomaniac brute, that loves war, destruction, children, kender... and flowers. But due to his great irascibility it's not easy to interact with him. He looks like the typical battlerager with the red colored hair crest(normaly light gray) and dozens of tattoos representing dragons, demons and other supernatural creatures. As duergar he always wear a mask resembling a deamon face. The only thing you can see are his steel gray eyes that bright in madness.

During the attack of a young red dragon on the family stronghold his elder brother got killed and Cendrash was heavily wounded. After his recuperation and the near death experience, he went mad and blamed himself for the death of his mother and his brother, so he exiled himself and became a battlerager. But he was blessed by the gods -specialy by Clangedinn-, so that his ability to enlarge himself was unique and limitless.

During a mission, he met the celtic amazon Finlar, the human swashbuckler Ramirez and the little Kender thief "Katze". Together they experienced lots of advantures. Not only on Krynn, but on Earth, in the future, and on other planets of Krynn space. But as the time passed away, the anbitions and interests of the adventurers felt apart and their ways went in different directions. Cendrash met the wild dwarf princess Tha and married her. She became pregnant two years later. Some month later the party witnessed a monumental battle between azakar dwarves and yakmen and their human servants. Cendrash turned invisible, enlarged and attacked the enemies of the dwarves turning visible again. Both armies, impressed by the apparition of such a giant - by the time was Cendrash over 6 meter large when enlarged - ceased to fight. Both believed than an avatar of Clangedinn had come to fight the enemies of dwarves. His intervention brought victory to the dwarves. After the battle was over he was high honored. He settled and became a local satrap (azakar regent) and married Bella, the daughter of a neighbour satrap. The party separed here, forever. Some month later was Arash born. A year later Bella gave birth to Valgrim, and two years later the twin girls Thagrima and Thadwila were born to Tha .

As regent, he became bloodbounded with the land, gaining following blood abilities:
- Major Regeneration, 1 hp per hour
- Fearless. Cendrash and any units he leads in battle are completely immun vs. fear. No moral or fear check required.

Till Cendrash came were all kender kept as slaves by the Azakar dwarves. But Cendrash, who had made many friends between the little folk, ordered to set free all kender in his land. Thereafter, he became a patron of the kender there. He was supported by his henchmen to rule his land. Because he loves war and battle, he made war and battle... having many allies and enemies everywhere. With the help of his sons, he has expanded the influence of the dwarves into many neighboured kindoms. His loyalst henchman Omni, a charismatic and brilliant azakar, acts as intrigant and embassador, always prepared to bring war to the enemies, or better between the enemies of Cendrash. During his kingship Cendrash has fought three important wars:
- First against a lich and his rising undead army, beside the Horde - an army built by the Madra, an evil God that seaked to destroy any other Gods of Krynn.
- Later against some Deamonlords in the adventure "Paladin in Hell".
- And lastly - with the help of the dying God Gilgamesh - against an avatar of Takhisis (Tiamat) at the roots of the World Ash on Chislev (a world of Krynn Space).

After the long battle against Takhisis, where Cendrash was victorious, the World Ash offered Cendrash "Kwowledge and Wisdom". So, as did Odin long time before, was Cendrash pinned with his own sword in the stem of the tree. There he stayed seven days, becoming one with the universe, and survived! He gained divine status as the Demigod of Rage. He gained from the World Ash complete knowledge about runic magic and dwarven smith craft, which he uses to create weapons of Might destined to be weared by those who have been found worth of it, and to spread war and death, but without slaughtering the innocent but protecting them.

He planed more wars for expansion of his Dwarven Kindom, as he served as representant of the Dwarven Pantheon on Krynn - it was prohibited to all Gods of Krynn to intervene with mortal afairs.

Now, Chaos - pleased by the aptitude of Cendrash - offered him more might to bring death, chaos and destruction against the false gods that have come Krynn. And he accepted...

Cendrash as a God


Portfolio: Rage, Protection and unification of dwarven kind, Flowers, Spiders
Domain: Doyak, Krynn
Superior: Clangeddin
Allies: Mishakal, Clangeddin, Gilgeam
Foes: Tiamat, Abyssal Powers
Align: CN
WAG Any (cn)
Symbol two crossed battle-axes covered by a duergar mask

Cendrash, Son of Murgrim, was a Duergar Prince on Taladas. He went to the dwarven Hero Boregar to become a Battlerager, after losing and surviving a fight with a red dragon. For many years he fought together with his friends Ramirez, Finlar and the "Katze" (cat), becoming very powerful.

Also known as "the Hand of Clangeddin, the Voice of Reorx, Protector of Mishakal and Messenger of Death", Cendrash now rules on the Satrapy of Doyak together with his wives Tha and Bella.

As one of the greatest dwarven heroes of Krynn, he was send by Clangeddin to protect Gilgeam and to fight an avatar of Tiamat at Yggdrasil, the "World Tree", on Chislev. After a mighty fight he defeated Tiamat and as reward, he hang 9 days on the World Tree and survived, becoming a Demipower of Krynnspace. Although his primary duty is to protect the dwarves, Cendrash has also proclaimed himself protector of the kender.

AVATAR (Fighter 24/Priest 12)
Cendrash' avatar is a copy of his living body, before becoming a Demipower, a duergar battlerager with an adamantine armour with Mithril spikes, armed with a huge two handed Mithril battle axe. Sometimes he rides on his dracolisk Ghuffi.

Str: 18(59) Dex: 17 Con: 19
Int: 9 Wis: 13 Cha: Ld. 15/App. 5
MV: 15 SZ: 1.18/6.88 m MR: 25%
AC: -6 HD: 24 HP: 200
#AT: 7/2 THAC0 -10 Dmg: 1d12/2d10*5.8+12

SPECIAL ATT/DEF: Invisibility and enlarge as level 48 wizard, Endurance 10, Hardiness 20, all round attack (3w8), fearless, i>Battle Axe +4, Dwarven Plate +2, Mace +3, Shield +4 (protection against fire), Horn of Blasting, Ring of Vampiric Regeneration, Gem of Spell Absorption (up to 4th level). Spells like priesthood.

Only available on Krynn-Space. Only fighter/priest (if dwarves then vindicators). They have always to fight till death or victory, protect any dwarf (killing a dwarf only in extreme situations) and protecting the servants and the Faith of Mishakal. Kill, slay and destroy your enemy, but respect life.
REQUIREMENTS: AB Str. 15, Dex. 15, Con. 15; AL any c; WP any (battle axe 1st); AR any; SP all, combat, elemental earth*, guardian, plants*, healing*, chaos, protection, war, wards, divination; PW 1) rage, 5) strength 1/day, 10) divination, commune 1/day each, 15) knowledge about the dwarf runes; TU nil; HD 10; Shamans yes (std).

After ascension to a lesser power:


Portfolio: Rage, Protection and unification of dwarven kind, Flowers, Spiders, Chaos
Domain: The Blood Garden, Limbus
Superior: Clangeddin, The Father of All and of Nothing
Allies: Mishakal, Clangeddin, Gilgeam, Chaos
Foes: Tiamat, Abyssal Powers, any false Gods on Krynn
Align: CN
WAG Any (cn)
Symbol two crossed battle-axes covered by a duergar mask

Cendrash was selected by the Father of All and of Nothing to fight new Gods arriving to Krynn after the War of Chaos and gave him the power to ascent to a lesser power.

AVATAR (Fighter 24/Priest 24)
Cendrash' avatar remains physically almost the same but the power of his magic and rune power have been augmented drastically by Chaos.

Str: 20 Dex: 17 Con: 20
Int: 9 Wis: 20 Cha: Ld. 20/App. 5
MV: 15 SZ: 1.18/6.88 m MR: 50%
AC: -6 HD: 24 HP: 200
#AT: 7/2 THAC0 -10 Dmg: 1d12/2d10*5.8+12

SPECIAL ATT/DEF: Invisibility and enlarge as level 48 wizard, Endurance 10, Hardiness 20, all round attack (3w8), fearless, Battle Axe +4, Dwarven Plate +2, Mace +3, Shield +4 (protection against fire), Horn of Blasting, Ring of Vampiric Regeneration, Gem of Spell Absorption (up to 4th level). Spells like priesthood but with major access to the spheres.

Priests are now available everywhere in the multivers. There are known priesthoods on Krynnspace, Naboria, Ravenloft, the world of Elric, ancient Earth, the Warhammer universe, the Warhammer 40K universe and RIFTS Earth. The priests must seek to destroy any cults that rise on Krynn, which do no belong to the original religions of Krynn.
REQUIREMENTS: AB Str. 15, Dex. 15, Con. 15; AL any c; WP any (battle axe 1st); AR any; SP all, combat, elemental earth*, guardian, plants*, healing*, chaos, protection, war, wards, divination; PW 1) rage, 5) strength 1/day, 10) divination, commune 1/day each, 15) knowledge about the dwarf runes; TU nil; HD 10; Shamans yes (std).

Rules for 3E will follow soon

Ability Scores

Str: 18/59 Stamina: 18/59 Weight Allowance: 160 lbs Bend Bars/Lift Gates: 25%
Muscle: 18/59 Attack Adj.: +2 Damage Adj.: +3 Max. Press: 305 lbs Open Doors: 13
Dex: 17 Aim: 17 Missile Adjustment: +2 Pick Pockets: +5% Open Locks: +10%
Balance: 17 Reaction Adjustment: +2 Armor Class: -3 Move Silently: +5% Climb Walls: +5%
Con: 19 Health: 19 System Shock: 99% Poison Save: +1
Fitness: 19 Hit Point Adjustment: +2(+5) Resurrection Chance: 100%
Int: 9 Reason: 9 Max. Spell Level: 4th Max. Spells Per Level: 6 Illusion Immunity: None
Knowledge: 9 Bonus Proficiencies: 2 Chance to Learn New Spell: 35%
Wis: 12 Intuition: 11 Bonus Clerical Spells: 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 Clerical Spell Failure Chance: 10%
Willpower: 13 Magic Defense Adjustment: +0 Spell Immunity: None
Cha: 5 Leadership: 15 Loyalty Base: +3 Maximum Number of Henchmen: 7
Appearance: 5 Initial Reaction Adjustment: -3

Saving Throws

Paralyzation: -1 Poison: -6 Death Magic: -1 Petrification: 0 Polymorph: 0
Rod: -4 Staff: -4 Wand: -4 Breath Weapon: 0 Spell: -3


Hit Points: 200
Base THAC0: -4
Melee THAC0: -6
Missile THAC0: -6


Natural armor class 5
Full armor, dwarven plate + 4 -9
Magic Armor adj. -4
Ioun Stone, dusty rose prism magic adj. -1
Balance Defensive adj. -3
With Shield +3 -10

Weapon Proficiencies

Armor Spikes (Specialist)
Axe, battle (Specialist)
Axe, hand/throwing (Specialist)
Axe, two-handed (Specialist, Grand Master)
Axes, Picks, and Hammers
Club, war (Specialist)
Clubs, Maces, and Flails
Dagger (Specialist)
Elbow spike (Specialist)
Flail, footman's (Specialist)
Flail, horseman's (Specialist)
Full armor, dwarven plate
Hammer (Specialist)
Knee spike (Specialist)
Mace, footman's (Specialist)
Mace, horseman's (Specialist)
Mace-axe (Specialist)
Maul (Specialist)
Morning star (Specialist)
Pick, footman's (Specialist)
Pick, horseman's (Specialist)
Spears & Javelins
Sword, long (Specialist)
Sword, short (Specialist)
Warhammer (Specialist)
Fighting Style:
Weapon and Shield
Two-handed Weapon
Two Weapon (+2)

Non-Weapon Proficiencies

Adaptation, Warrior HL 12
Alertness (new) 7
All-round Attack HL N/A
Blind Fighting 10
Bravery HL 10
Danger sense 10
Diplomacy 10
Endurance 13
Frighten/Chalenge HL 16
Hardiness, Warrior HL 18
Intimidation 20
Military Tactics & Strategies 8
Mountaineering 7
Navigation, Underground 6
Netherworld Knowledge 10
Orienteering 10
Riding, Airborne 15
Riding, Land 15
Singing 9
Spellcraft 10
Survival 12
Modern Languages 9
Common - Kothian
Native Languages
Duergar, Dwarf, Dwarf - deep dialect, Elf,
Elf - dark (drow) dialect, Undercommon
Reading/Writing 8


THAC0 Attacks/ Speed Damage Range (-2) (-5) (-10)
Weapon Melee Missile Round Factor* Sm-Med Large Type Size PB / S / M / L / EX
Axe, two-handed +4 -10 3 0 1d12+10 2d10+10 S L
Armor Spikes +2 -9 5/2 0 1d4+7 1d4+7 S S
Elbow spikes +2 -9 5/2 0 1d4+7 1d4+7 S S
Knee spikes +2 -9 5/2 0 1d4+7 1d4+7 P S
Axe, battle +2 -9 5/2 4 1d8+7 1d10+7 S M
Dagger +2 -9 -9 5/2 0 1d4+7 1d3+7 P S 2 4 6
Flail, footman's +2 -9 5/2 3 1d6+8 2d4+7 B L
Mace, footman's +3 -10 5/2 2 1d6+9 1d6+8 B M
Sword, long +3 -10 5/2 0 1d8+8 1d12+8 S M
Sword, scimitar +3 -9 2 0 1d8+6 1d8+6 S M
Warhammer +1 -8 -8 5/2 1 1d4+7 1d4+6 B M 2 4 6
Warhammer, +3 Dwarf thrower -10 -10 5/2 0 1d4+9 1d4+8 B M 2 4 6

Racial Abilities

Enlarge - The dwarf can enlarge himself as per the spell as casted by a wizard of twice the level of the dwarf.
Infravision - Grey Dwarves have infravision to 120 feet - the ability to see heat patterns given off by living warm-blooded creatures in the dark.
Invisibility - The dwarf can turn invisible once per day as per the spell casted by a wizard of twice the level of the dwarf.
Melee combat - When ogres, half-ogres, ogre magi, trolls, giants, or titans fight Grey dwarves, these aggressors suffer a -4 penalty on all attack rolls. Dwarves are small and have defensive tactics against these large foes.
Mining detection abilities - A character with this skill is familiar with mining, tunnelling and stonework. By concentrating for one round the character can:
Determine the approximate depth underground, 1-3 on 1d6.
Detect any sliding or shifting walls or rooms, 1-4 on 1d6.
Detect any grade or slope in the passage they are passing through, 1-5 on 1d6.
Detect stonework traps, pits, and deadfalls, 1-3 on 1d6
Detect new construction in stonework, 1-5 on 1d6.
Saving throw bonuses - Bonus to saving throws vs. poison, rods, wands, and spells based on their Constitution/Health subability score.
Spell Immunity - Duergar are unaffected by "paralysis", "illusion" and "phantasm" spells. They are also immune to all magical and alchemical poisons. Against natural poisons they receive the standard Dwarf saving throw bonuses.
Stealth - If the dwarf is not in metal armor, a -2 penalty is applied to opponent's surprise rolls if the dwarf is at least 90 feet ahead of a party of characters without this ability, or accompanied only by characters with equivalent stealth skills. The dwarf is also difficult to surprise himself and received a +2 bonus to his own surpise rolls.

Class Abilities

Followers - Attracts followers after a stronghold is built and 9th level is reached.
Leadership - Knowledge in leading large numbers of troops.
Multiple specialization - Allows specialization in more than one weapon.
Melee weapons only - May only use melee weapons.


  • Items Carried
    • Axe, battle +2
    • Dagger +2
    • Elixir of Youth x2
    • Flail, footman's +2
    • Horn of Blasting (without the 2% cumulative change to selfdestruction)
    • Mace, footman's +3
    • Philter of Persuasiveness
    • Potion of Animal Control (mammal/marsupial/avian)
    • Potion of Climbing
    • Potion of Fire Resistance
    • Potion of Gaseous Form
    • Potion of Growth x2
    • Potion of Levitation
    • Potion of Poison
    • Potion of Rainbow Hues
    • Sword, long +3
    • Sword, scimitar +3
    • Warhammer +1
    • Warhammer, +3 Dwarf thrower (tripple damage, cast earthquake 1/d)
  • Items Readied
    • Axe, two-handed +4, forged by Clangedinn for Cendrash
  • Items Worn
    • Full armor, dwarven plate + 4, made in adamantine and mithril with
      • Armor Spikes +2
      • Elbow spikes +2
      • Knee spikes +2
    • Helm of Leadership (+3 to leadership)
    • Deamon mask, made in adamantine and ornated with rubies and bloodstones
    • Mantle made of the skin of a golden dragon
    • Ioun Stone, dusty rose prism, set in the mask
    • Ioun Stone, pale lavender ellipsoid, set in the mask
    • Ioun Stone, vibrant purple prism, set in the mask
    • Ring of Protection +3
    • Ring of Regeneration, Vampiric
    • Shield, medium +3, confers complete immunity vs. fire


Currently carrying 78.40 pounds (None Encumbrance), Movement 10 (6 base, +2 str, +2 dex)

Kit - Battlerager

The Battlerager fills a particular niche in dwarf society and culture. He is a fearless warrior, able to create an insane rage within himself which increases his fighting ability and distorts his physical features.

While enraged, a Battlerager's face becomes twisted and his teeth grind together. Spittle flies from his mouth and dribbles down his beard. His eyes enlarge, bulge, and become bloodshot. Size increases (his height by an inch or more) as his muscles swell and his body expands.

His fighting ability becomes awesome, allowing him to fight longer and harder than any other dwarf. While in his rage, he is almost unstoppable. A dangerous enemy, he is a menace to friend and foe alike.

Special Benefits: They excel at fighting. Not only are they specialists with battle axe and warhammer, they are able to enter a furious killing rage that endangers friend and foe alike. They have little control over it. Any time one feels insulted, threatened, or when in combat, he will bellow a battle song at the top of his lungs. After five rounds, during which time he can fight or perform other activities, he enters the rage. This lasts until there are no enemies left to slay. Whether enemies are standing to fight or lying wounded on the ground, the Battlerager will hack them apart. He will then turn to anyone left alive, even his friends. During the rage, Battleragers continue to sing, pausing only to scream insults at foes.

A Battlerager can try to come out of the rage at the beginning of each round by making a Wisdom check. If he succeeds, his rage ends and he suffers the effects below. If not, he remains enraged. He may attempt withdrawal each round, until he succeeds.

He may attempt to prevent a killing rage by making a successful Wisdom check. If he succeeds, he can control himself for the rest of the encounter. During the next five rounds, he will gnaw ferociously on his shield rim or grind his teeth together in an effort to control himself. If he fails the check, he enters the rage.

A silence spell will prevent him from entering a rage, but he will attack the character who cast the spell, if he can tell who it was. If not, he will attack all who get in his way.

The Killing Rage: While in a killing rage, the Battlerager receives the following special benefits: +1 to attack, +3 to damage, +10 hp, and -1 bonus to his AC (e.g., AC 4 drops to AC 3).
  • Immunity to these wizard spells (no saving throw necessary) charm person, emotion, fear, friends, hypnotism, sleep, irritation, ray of enfeeblement, scare, geas; and these clerical spells command, charm person or mammal, enthrall, cloak of bravery, remove fear, symbol.

  • He gets a +4 saving throw bonus, on top of his dwarf bonus, against these wizard spells: blindness, Tasha's uncontrollable hideous laughter, hold person, charm monster, confusion; and against these clerical spells hold person, hold animal.

  • The finger of death spell kills a Battlerager instantly, if he fails to make a saving throw. If he makes his save, he doesn't suffer the 2d8+1 points of damage until his killing rage ends.

  • While in the rage, he is immune to KO results from the Punching and Wrestling rules and takes only half damage from bare-hand attacks.

Killing Rage Disadvantages: A Battlerager suffers the following disadvantages while enraged:
  • He is oblivious to pain. The DM takes note of the Battlerager's current hit points when the character first enters his killing rage, reducing them as he takes damage. The player is not told how many points of damage he takes from enemy attacks, or how many he has left. He is only aware that he is enjoying himself tremendously. He is told how much damage his character has received when he falls over dead or the rage ends.

  • He must continue to fight each melee round until all opponents have been killed. He may attack any enemy within range of his weapon. If none are in range, or once he kills an opponent, he must attack the nearest enemy.

  • He cannot take cover from missile attacks.

  • If another character does something that he interprets as an attack, such as hitting him to move him out of the way, he must roll an Intelligence check. If successful, the Battlerager may ignore his friend. If he fails, his friend becomes his enemy, and is treated as an enemy until the fight is over and the rage has passed.

  • He is temporarily unaffected by the clerical spells bless, cure light wounds, aid, cure serious wounds, cure critical wounds, heal, regenerate, and wither. He only gains the benefits of these spells when he is not enraged.

  • The taunt spell is automatically successful and causes him to abandon his current enemy and rush to attack the taunter.

  • Once the rage is over, he loses all of its advantages, including the 10 bonus hit points. This could cause him to die instantly, or collapse unconscious, if he has 0 or less hit points remaining.

  • After the rage subsides, he suffers a -1 penalty to his attack rolls, a -3 penalty to damage rolls, and +1 penalty to his AC. This effect remains for the same number of rounds that he was enraged.
Special Hindrances: Being a psychopathic killer with an axe is a special hindrance in itself, particularly because he is a liability to himself and all who adventure with him. Other dwarves react to Battleragers with a -3 reaction adjustment penalty. But instead of attacking, they will withdraw. Other races automatically sense the latent violence in a Battlerager and react to him with a -2 penalty, though they may not have enough common sense not to attack him.