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God of poetry.
Lesser Deity
Symbol: Harp
Home Plane: Asgard
Alignment: NG
Portfolio: Song, poetry and eloquence
Worshipers: Norske
Cleric alignment: any good
Domains: Charm, Good, Trickery
Favored weapon: Sword

Bragi is the bard of the gods. When Bragi sings, recites poetry or plays his harp, everyone in range will calm down, forgetting any thoughts of violence. Bragi loves bards and helps them. Bragi is the son of Odin and the giantess Gunlod, and is married to Idun. He is the recorder of warrior's deeds in battle and chief poet to Odin. He is greatly admired for his inspiration and eloquence with words and considered to be very wise by the other gods. Odin refers to him as "one who knowest everything well". Bragi is a level-headed god who has a flair for the dramatic when he recites a poem or tells an epic tale to the other members of the Aesir.


The cult of Bragi is dedicated to music and poetry, seeking to share knowledge and wisdom with others using own creations.

Clergy and Temples

Bragis's clerics are the bards of Norske, poets and writers, the love for poetry and music is reflected in any and every priest of Bragi. Bragi has ho temples, while the clerics wander around seeking inspiration for new master pieces and bringing knowledge and wisdom to everyone willing to hear.

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