Deities & Religions


Voice of Reorx, Hand of Clangedinn, Protector of Mishakal and Bastet,
Messenger of Death, Bringer of Chaos and Destruction

Lesser God
Symbol: Crossed battle axes under a duergar mask
Home Plane: Limbo
Alignment: CN
Portfolio: Rage, War, Destruction, Dwarves, Kender, Flowers
Worshipers: Voos, Ash Dwarves, Halflings, Norske
Cleric alignment: CN, CG, CE, NG, NE
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Plants, War, Luck
Favored weapon: Battleaxe

Originally a duergar champion from Krynn, Cendrash was deified after defeating an avatar of Takhisis defending Yggdrasil. He repeated the action of Odin and was pinned to the tree for nine days and nine nights gaining great knowledge and power. Later, he ascended to a lesser deity through a pact with The Father of All and of Nothing. Although his actions are concentrated on Krynn, he has began to spread his Faith through the Multiverse, especially after having battled Vecna on Sigil at the side of other Demi-Gods of battle.


Kill, maim, destroy but protect the innocent and do not kill the unarmed are the principles that Cendrash teaches. He has many pacts with other deities, some of them from the time as he was still mortal. He sees himself as a protector of the Kender, and expects that his followers do the same.

Clergy and Temples

Most clerics of Cendrash are also fighters, and all are berserkers. Temples of Cendrash are often in the mountains, built by dwarves. They are strongholds with great armories and battle arenas, but also with great gardens. The temples are also often home for spiders of all kinds. Some temples have stables for steeders and other large riding spiders. Clerics seek glory in battle, trying to kill as many enemies as possible before dying. The temples are decorated with the skulls of fallen heroes and trophies of defeated enemies.

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