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God of Sunlight and Elves.
Greater Deity
Symbol: Blue greatsword
Home Plane: Asgard
Alignment: NG
Portfolio: Agriculture, fertility, harvest, sun, elves
Worshipers: Norske
Cleric alignment: any good
Domains: Air, Good, Plant, Sun, Elves
Favored weapon: Greatsword (Longsword for Elves)

This peaceful deity is the chief god of agriculture. He is known as Corellon Larethian by the Naborian Elves. Weapons and fights are banned from his holy places, although elves see in him a great fighter always armed with a long sword. For the Norske, Frey took his sword back from the dead hands of Skirnir after being wounded during Ragnarok. Frey is the son of Njord and is marries with the giant Gerd


The followers of Frey learn how to work the land and get the best results. They are helpful and friendly but hate waste and the destruction of fertile land. For the elves, he is the protector of magic and nature and of the elven race. Followers of Corellon seek to learn about magic and to use fighting prowess and skills to defend the elves.

Clergy and Temples

Clerics of Frey are hard workers, always on the fields. The have no great temples, only large halls where the fruits of their labor are stored to be shared with everyone. They provide help and knowledge for peasants. Norske clerics of Frey are often unarmed, like his god was before Ragnarok, although they learn how to fight if necessary. Clerics of Corellon are always proficient with the sword and use it whenever necessary to defend the elves. Only elven clerics can take the Elves Domain.

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