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The Trickser; The Player; The Divine Fox; The Lucky God
Intermediate God
Symbol: Fox Head, usually nor larger than a coin.
Home Plane: Gladsheim
Alignment: CN
Portfolio: Trickery, Rogues, Luck, Theft, Pleasure
Worshipers: Lorenan, Rogues, Bards, Gamblers
Cleric alignment: CN, CE
Domains: Chaos, Luck, Mind, Trickery
Favored weapon: Rapier (Loren) / Short Sword

Not as powerful as Leomyr or Lorena, Renadier is may be the most loved god of the Lorenan Pantheon among peasants and those not of noble blood. The numerous swash bucklers and bards from Loren revere him openly, but also the numerous thieves. Children love this god as he represents for them parties and candies and gifts. The game "hide and seek" is commonly known as "jeux de Renadier". And gamling holes are known as the "boites de Renadier". Authorities dislike some of the Renadian Cults as they are home of the most cunning thieves. There are almost no temples of Renadier then, as he says, he's there at home, where poeple are happy.

Renadier is often pictured as a tall and slender man with a fox head, wearing colourful clothes and wide huts with long feathers. Seldom he is represented with a fox tail, which happens only on very special occasions. It is told that he always smiles, never fearing adversity, but always looking for a way to cheat fate.

As sneaky and cunning as he is, he loves mundane pleasures, mostly wine and women. A legend tells that he even stole a kiss from Lorena, a tale most of Lorena's followers will deny.


Stealth and quickness, wits and a smooth tongue, these are the virtues granted by the Divine Fox. A follower of Renadier seeks to steal almost everything she needs, but wont give herself to greed. Every move has to be carefully planed, every deception carefully covered by the most credible lies. It is better to talk you way out than face combat, unless the odds are on your favour and you enjoy the cover of the shadow. Concealing one's true self is the best defence and the best position to attack. Keep a honest face and hide behind it. Nobody will distrust you, if they think to know who you are.

Clergy and Temples

Renadier's temples are few, and mostly hidden under thieves guilds or gamling holes, and sometimes whore houses. The structure of the clergy is largely loose, and built on a secret network, where few clerics know more than three or four other secure members of the faith. Tithes, as high as eight parts of ten have to be given regularly, but any priest can call upon previous 'earnings' in case of need. In their meetings, attending priests are disquised, following strict and secret codes that prevent intrusion by others, and normally wearing rich clothes and huts, like their patron.

Although the clergy is closely linked to most thieves guilds, the church doesn't care about unregistered thieves, unless they do something to damage the image of the clery or of the deity.

With exception of temples of other Lorenan gods, any wealthy organisation or person is a potential victim for a Renadierien. But missions go beyond thievery. Spionage, difamation and even assassination may be requested. A Renadierien must be able to act anywhere and anytime requested. On a lesser level, a temple of Renadier is also a perfect fence to sell and buy any thing stolen.

The church of Renadier, depending on local alignment, permits access to following PrC:

  • Assassin
  • Horizon Walkers
  • Shadow Dancers

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