Deities & Religions


Lord of the Frost Giants.
Intermediate Deity
Symbol: White Double Bladed Axe
Home Plane: Prime Material
Alignment: CE
Portfolio: Frost giants, war, cold
Worshipers: Frost giants
Cleric alignment: CE, CN, NE
Domains: Chaos, Earth, Evil, Strength, War
Favored weapon: Great axe

A grim giant that hates the Aesir since the creation of Asgard. He tried to win Freya as wife by holding Thor's hammer hostage. But Thor was disguised as bride and Loki as Bridesmaid and together recuperated the hammer. Thrym fought the Gods during Ragnarok and was banned to the Prime Material, where he dwells now hidden in the ice mountains in the North of Naboria.


The few worshipers of Thrym dedicate to undermine Thor's cults with help of Loki's followers. However, they never mix with followers of Sultur.

Clergy and Temples

A few temples can be found in high mountains and in the eternal winter of the North. Most priest are giants or half-giants, but other races have access to the cults too. Followers of Thrym led great armies against the world during Ragnarok, but once defeated they have retired to secrecy again. They began assembling weapons and other material for the next Ragnarok. Clerics of Thrym are violent and cruel, killing without hesitation those who cannot prove their devotion to the eternal winter.

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