Deities & Religions


God of courage and strength.
Intermediate Deity
Symbol: Spear
Home Plane: Asgard
Alignment: LN
Portfolio: Courage, Law, Strategy
Worshipers: Norske
Cleric alignment: LE, LN, LG
Domains: Law, Protection, War
Favored weapon: Longsword

Tyr is a son of Odin and Frigga. He is the boldest of the gods, who inspires courage and heroism in battle. Tyr is represented as a man with one hand, because his right hand was bitten off by the gigantic wolf Fenrir, son of Loki.


Tyr encourages courage and self-sacrifice but dislikes foolhardiness. A wasted life is worthless. Self-sacrifice for others goes over self-sacrifice for personal glory.

Clergy and Temples

Clerics of Tyr tend to train to fight with the left-hand, covering the right hand with fingerless leather gauntlets to emulate their god. Clerical duties are clearly organized and temples won't bend any rules or break a schedule for any reason but war.

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