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On Naboria there are hundreds of Empires, Kingdoms, Theocracies, etc, each with its own coinage. Although the different coins actually have different face value, almost all countries have gold, silver and copper coins, and these will be normally handled as if of the same value. In some cases; there will be significant differences and thus it would be better to look for a money exchanger or to meld the coins and use the metal value as payment. Electro coins do not exist at all, and only very few countries ever used platinum for coinage. In the time before the Apocalypse, people of Loren were the most gifted handlers. Their coinage is often used as a reference:

Name Value Description
Corona 50 gp Very large gold coins (10 cm) used only for storage or for very large transactions. These coins are not normally accepted by any handler.
Dublón 5 gp Large gold coins (5 cm) used only for large transactions and normally not accepted in inns or taverns.
Escudo 1 gp Standard gold piece of ca. 2.5 cm diameter.
Real 1 sp Standard silver piece of ca. 2 cm diameter used for normal transactions.
Sol 1 cp These small copper coins (1 cm) were originally only used for alms donated in front of temples after a mess. Most handlers and governments have rules about the maximum amount that can be paid in soles.

A special case are the coins of the loah', which are hand crafted from coral and bone by loah' experts. Their face value in the loah' empires vary from their trade value for other countries. They are not accepted as payment outside the loah' empires, but some collectors view them as art objects.

Name Equivalent Trade
Tu'anor (ta) 1 cp 5 gp
Tu'ivor (ti) 1 sp 5 gp
Tu'bech (tb) 1 gp 10 gp
Tu'vall (tv) 5 gp 25 pp
Tu'mior (tm) 25 pp 50 pp

Gems are also sometimes used as payment as their value is easier to calculate. Although most civilizations have developed the art of gem cutting, the elves and dwarves are the masters of it. Any stone worked by an (moon) elven master is worth 1.25 times the standard price. Stones crafted by dwarven masters are 1.5 times more worth. As not everyone is able to recognise such a quality work, it would be a pity to use these stones for payment outside from elven or dwarven communities.

Some handlers, especially on Loren, use bonds and debt certificates as payment. There are banks and money loaners that sell packages of 10, 15, 50 and 100 bonds of given values that can be used to pay in the same country where there are branch offices of the same bank. This method is only used by rich handlers that don't want to carry large amounts of money during business trips.


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