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The world of Naboria is divided in five large continents and several smaller land masses. Here is a rough map of the world. Attention, the map is huge but printing it down on a DIN-A4 page gives a nice result :)

In the description of the lands some of the races of Naboria are mentioned and in parenthesis is the race that would be the most equivalent as a reference. I modified some races, and many will say "but those are just orcs!", I know. However, I wanted to give them different names that go together with the rest of the world and not simply having everything as in other campaigns. Some races have the same names, but are quite different from the "standards", and that's right so. The world was made according to my imagination and so many thing are different.

The North Pole is formed by a large and several small islands which are interconnected by eternal ice. Below the ice there are settlements of loah', although this is unknown to almost all other races. There are minor settlements of humans and were-bears on the surface. The major island is covered by high mountains that are the home of a giant empire.

Loren, the "Northern Continent", bears some of the oldest cultures of Naboria that survived the Apocalypse. The West is dominated by a long mountain chain, home of various dwarven kingdoms. The Western coast supports some large enohri (minotaur) cities, although their population is relatively low now. The Northern is dominated by a vast tundra, home of barbaric humans and dwarves and some other minor races. There exists a vast forest, the "Faywoods", which are supposed to be the home of an ancient elven civilization, the Sidhe. The rest of the continent was the former Holy Realm of Loren, which suffered great losses during the Apocalypse and that is now divided in many minor human realms. Some elves, halfling and gnome settlements could have survived as well. The underdark of Loren is home to the Shadow Empire, a union of Drow and Duergar under the rule of an ancient shadow dragon.

West of Loren there is the continent of Urite. The North of Urite is covered by vast grass planes, home of the barbaric hordes of Azagishi (orcs). There are two mountain chains, one at the Eastern Coast and one at the Western Coast. The East was home to a large Beholder empire, who ruled over humans and gnomes. Now there are many small kingdoms that fight the remains of the beholders. The West was home to the mighty Tsunami Empire, now fallen and still covered by civil war. Between the mountains there is a dark, moist and dangerous jungle, home of a Yuan-ti empire that now awaits the return of their dark deity. The south is home to barbaric gnolls and a small realm ruled by gargoyles.

Nimur, the largest continent of Naboria, holds many cultures. The north of the continent is home to numerous human kingdoms. One of the largest kingdoms was created by descendants of the Miinati (high-humans) who revere the One God. Many of the barbaric tribes in this land revere the Earth Mother. The Northern Woods are home to many elven cultures. Some are noble and friendly, others are degenerated and vicious. The continent is divided by a huge mountain chain, the Pillars of Heaven. In these mountains there is a chain of huge lakes called the Mirrors of Heaven. The Eastern end of the Pillars is surrounded by the Troll Woods, where strange creatures dwell in the dark. South of the Troll Woods there are the icy and desolated planes habited by the descendant of Vos who came from a country spilled by the Fogs. The plains got the name of Voos. Its barbaric inhabitants ride on white dracolisks and revere Cendrash. In the south of Voos lies Rashemen, an offspring of the original realm on Toril, founded by travellers arrived at the same time as the Voos. South from Rashemen lies the green plains, once the home of friendly human and halfling kingdoms, now ridden by war and haunted by evil creatures and dragons. West of the green planes lies the Eternal Forest. Some sages think that there was the centre of the Nenaietii culture, and that it hides ruins filled with powerful magical items and indescribable treasures. Finally, the Western of Nimur is covered by a huge desert, the Muhlram, home to the Razghati (dark skinned humans), Maghati (half-orcs), the Shiibati (ogre) and the Zubhati (half-giants). They build many realms, organized in Emirates. Before the Apocalypse they revered the Children in a very intricate Pantheon. After the Apocalypse the survivors have come to revere the Elemental Lords and some nature spirits. A minor group tries to revive an ancient culture that revered some animal headed Gods and has settled in their ruins.

West from Nimur and South from Loren lies the Jakandor Archipelago (modified after the Jakandor© setting published by WotC).

The Southern hemisphere of Naboria suffered the greatest destruction during the Apocalypse. It was here where the corpse of Notec' felt as he was slain and thus the land was weakened. Two whole continents sank into the boiling waters and rose partially again. The lands known as the Restless Wastes survived by the power of Siduar Dron. The last 150 years he has worked raising a huge army of undead and rebuilding the Theocracy. The neighbour countries, having survived the Apocalypse, are determined to stop him. These countries are inhabited by humans, a few Esheru (lupins or wolfmen) and Ikkuru (rakasta or catmen). The continent is now called the Fallen Land.

The fifth continent is built by the lands that emerged again from the ocean and cover the whole South Pole. It is here where there are the highest mountains from Naboria, reaching a height of almost 25 km. Almost all the continent is desolated, inhabited by monsters, dragons and giants. Only at its northernmost coast can settlements be found. Some explorers claim to have seen Saathylaiel (high elves) and Bairzhadur (high dwarves) in the mountains. This land is now known as the Newborn Lands, and many people held hope in populating it.

The numerous smaller land masses that can be found were ridden by storms and floods during the Apocalypse and most are uninhabited now. A few settlements have been founded and many adventures explore the islands looking for treasures or monsters to hunt.

Map of Naboria


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