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-100.000 :: The Raise Of The Gods

History on Naboria begins after the War of the Children. After the departure of Io, his Children assumed the role of gods for the creatures they created. It was during this period of around 3000 years that also new Gods arrived and various pantheons were created. It was a time filled with war as the mortals created new realms and fought in the name of their religions. During this time the Nenaietii decided to leave Naboria and parted in the search for Io, who they revered as the One God, Lord of Creation. The immortal races didn't worship any of the new Gods, and although they didn't worship Io, they revered him.

-77.000 :: The Fall Of The Immortals

During the following 20.000 years, the true past of Naboria was forgotten and many pantheons sustained different creation mythes. A new wave of Holy Wars raged over the world and many civilizations came to fall.

It was at this time that the immortal races of Naboria, the only ones who still knew the truth about Creation, started a campaign to destroy or drive away the "Gods From The Void". During the first years of war, they annihilated the worshipers of many minor deities driving them away from this crystal sphere. But many of the mortal races joined forces and fought back. War raged for over 5.000 years. Than, the Ancient Gods called for a truce, and in the Great Council (-71.855) the Immortals and the Gods From The Void signed peace. But the heart of the mortal races was still filled with hate toward the immortals, and minor wars continued on Naboria. But before the Immortal could raise again their armies in defence, the Gods placed them in an eternal sleep and they were forgotten and became legend.

-50.000 :: The Return of Notec'

Notec' was the only Child who destroyed his creation to keep his own immortality. After the War of the Children he was banned from Nenaiel. And he left and wandered alone for many millenia. But then he returned and he brought a new created race, breed in Hell with the help of some dark power. And he was stronger and mightier than before and his armies were legion. During his first attack he defeated four of his kin before he was forced back. But his armies felt over the worlds and brought death and destruction. During his second attack he killed two other Children but he himself was mortally wounded. In a third and last attack, Notec' used all his power trying to destroy the creation of Him. But the force of faith of the people of Nenaiel prevented this and he was defeated and his armies sent back to Hell. His body felt on Naboria and were it touched the earth it became black and desolate and water turned to poison and life was no more. But his coming had another consequence; the Eternal Sleep of the immortals was disrupted and some of them woke up but were no longer immortal. They didn't show themselves to the mortals and created new realms in regions far away from the kingdoms of mortals, but some of them wandered between the mortals and learned to love their ways and stayed with them.

-30.000 :: The Arrival of the Spell Jammer

The Crystal Sphere of Nenaiel was discovered -32.000 by a trading ship of the Arcana. They kept its location secret to sell it later. A counselor of the Loah' finally bought the information and their scouts began to investigate Nenaiel. But their actions were followed by spies of the beholder and the illithid. And as a colonization fleet of the Loah' arrived to Naboria they where ambushed by the beholder. Their fleets destroyed each other, but survivors of both races landed on Naboria and began to build their own empires. Unknown to them, the illithid began a more subtile invasion of the world, arriving in small ships and building small stronghold all under Naboria's surface.

-20.000 :: The Fogs

After many millenia, life began to win back the territories were the corpse of Notec' felt. But this life was corrupted and evil. The spawns from these dark land corrupted others called them to come and soon a dark godless empire was born. Then in some ancient writings their sages rediscovered the name of Notec' and revered them. The land was named the Great Theocracy of Notec' and they were feared everywhere. And their acts were the most vile and their rulers were the most wicked. And as Siduar Dron became the new Theocrat it was a dark hour. His reign was the most evil and many said he was the incarnation of Notec'. But as it seemed that he could not become more powerful, a fog filled the land and with it came countless undead and Naboria trembled in fear. But as the fog dissipated in the next morning Siduar Dron and his minions were gone but the lands was still plagued by undead and a new kind of beholder never seen before. And history forgot about the Theocracy and the lands were known as the Restless Wastes.

-10.000 :: New "Old" Gods

The awakening of the Immortals was not hidden from all. Some of the Children saw this and wanted to use this for their own planes. They raised a secret army of dragons and giants and gave to some of them great power. Then they raised and battled some of the pantheons created by the Gods From The Void. And some of them succeeded and took the place of the fallen. Three old pantheons were formed anew and two banished. On Naboria, the mortal followers of the Gods fought each other until the Gods ordered them to stop. It was a dark time in the life of many mortals, but after two centuries the last survivors from before the "Raise" had died and it was peace. Some small groups that still revered the original Gods remain and wait for their return.

-1 :: The Return of the Theocrate

Following the battle of Vecna on Sigil, many of the structures that existed before were destroyed. With the near destruction of the Dark Powers some of the Realms in the Fog returned. And so returned Siduar Dron after 20.000 years of captivity.

0 :: The Apocalypse

Using a trick, Siduar Dron managed to steal Io's Tear, that represented the link between Nenaiel and the other planes. As this contact was disrupted some lesser gods and most of the Ancient Gods who only had followers on Naboria were destroyed. The souls of the dead could not depart and countless hordes of undead came to be. Magic was disrupted and in some places it was corrupted while in other it didn't work at all. Clerics felt in despair as they were separated from their gods. War raged as people fought to get food and water, now spoiled and often poisonous. Magic items malfunctioned or were destroyed and many evil creatures escaped from their prisons. Storms, volcanos, earth quakes and other catastrophes destroyed complete countries. Almost three quarters of the population of Naboria died within the first six months.

1 to 150 :: The Rebirth

With the help of some unknown heroes, Io's Tear was restored and the final destruction of Nenaiel could be prevented. But the world was still in war, and many suffered and died of hunger or were killed by natural catastrophes or rampaging monsters. The contact to the planes could be restored only slowly and so it took many decades for the Gods to return. People changed and many new creatures raised from the ashes, and the remaining Immortals woke from their sleep. New countries were created as old ones faded away, and in some hearts the light of hope began to shine again.

150 :: Now

It is time for new heroes to come. Darkness still covers the land but people have their hope back and they need someone to show them the path back into the light...


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