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After the Apocalypse, magic is not working the same way as before. While wizards had to negotiate with extraplanar beings in order to get powers (Witches and Warlock system from PO: Spells and Magic), the time of separation caused the old system to collapse. Some wizards learned to reach for the power that is in everything and everyone and to channel it into their spells more easily (channelers). A few wizards are only able to reach the energy of the living, taking their life energy to web spells, and some of them go so far as to drain all life of their environment to cast a spell (Defilers and Preservers). Almost all wizards are channelers, but in very nature bound folks (most elves, some humans and trolls) there are only defilers or preservers. Underdark dwellers are always channelers.

However, in some areas, magic doesn't work at all and in others it works in an unexpected way (wild magic zones). Antimagic zones are generated by adamantine ore. This metal, in its raw form was altered during the Apocalypse and now it absorbs the magic in its environment, making it impossible for spell casters to use their magic. Some sages have discovered this, and even more. The refined metal doesn't absorb the magic anymore, but gains great magical powers unseen before. This is kept as a great secret. Wild magic zones were created in the places were the blood of the Children slain by Notec' 50 millenia ago sank into the soil. The blood reacted as the contact with the plains was broken and corrupted the energy fields of its environment.

Priests also had to learn to master divine magic. During the first years after the Apocalypse, most priests didn't have any contact to their Deities as the scarred links to the outer planes made the communication almost impossible. But soon, the might of the Divine began to reach the world, slowly and weak at the beginning. Priests and paladins felt this, but the evocation of divine magic was not as easy as before. They too, had to learn to concentrate the divine energy to cast spells. At the beginning they were only able to tip at this energy in a very slow rate, similar as preservers do with nature. But now, as Faith has returned to the hearts of the mortals, this process has become much easier and faster. Technically, priest also use the channeling system to cast spells.

Most magical items malfunctioned or were destroyed during the Apocalypse. From them, weapons and armors without special abilities are still numerous. However, in the ruins of the "Old World" still lie countless items waiting to be found and returned to civilization.


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