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Before time it was only He Who Wanders in the Void. He wandered for aeons and watched and learned, and then He wished something new to be. And see! He created one hundred sculptures to His semblance but all different from each other and they were His children. And He spoke:

         "You will be the heir of my might and delight me with you creation."

And see! They lived and loved Him, and had the might to create. And He spoke again:

         "Go and create the sky, for it will be your home."

And His children created the sky and it was their home. And He spoke again:

         "Go and fill the sky with stars, for they will be your eyes."

And they filled the sky with stars and they saw. And He spoke again:

         "Go and create the world, for it will bear life."

And they created the world but it was still dead and empty. And He spoke again:

         "Go and create the creatures to fill world, for I will give life to them."

And they created the creatures to be in air, water and earth, but they were lifeless. And He gave them life and they filled the world and He liked it and all creatures loved Him. But some of His children created new creatures and gave life themselves. But see! Their might was not enough and the creatures were not perfect and were mortal. He saw it and suffered. And He spoke again:

         "You gave life and it was not my wish. The creatures you created are cursed by mortality and it should not be. You can give to them your own immortality or you can take all life back from them."

Some who loved their own creation accepted this and gave up their own immortality to safe them. Only one accepted this and undid its own creations, and they were no more. But some refused to sacrifice themselves or their creations and so began their rebellion. It was at this time that the children fought each other. And their creatures followed them and it was war. And love gave away to hate, and many creatures were no more. War continued in the skies and in their hate the children of The One used all their power against each other and the creation began to fade away. And almost all creatures were mortal. He saw this and suffered. Then he spoke again:

         "You who were my children should be no more. But your creations I will keep to honour and remember you, and they will be mortal as you decided their fate."

And see! His children were no more and all creatures were mortal with exception of them saved by the sacrifice of their creators. And the creatures filled the world again but they were wild and weak in spirit. So he spoke to them:

         "You who were created by my children have no one to guide you, no one you can love. So I give you the gift of faith to test you".

And see! They had faith and their love for their creators awoke anew and in their faith His children were reborn with exception of those who sacrificed themselves. And He spoke a last time:

         "You who were my creation have been called back from oblivion through the Faith of your own creation and so you will be bound by it, and so I call this new world Naboria as its fate is now yours. I will open the gates of the skies and return into the void. But know, that beyond the void there exist others like you, some more powerful and some weaker. And they will come, attracted by the souls of those who are still without guidance."

And he left and others came and they offered guidance and love to those without. And some brought their own creations. And they joined His children and were Gods.

From the Stone of Truths, translated by Kenniandalean, Keeper of Lore

The crystal sphere around Naboria was created by Io, the Nine Headed Dragon, a multidimensional being of great power and knowledge beyond the bounds of mortals or gods. The sphere contains five worlds, each with it own gods and races: Naboria, Ysburiel, Rowyariel, Verzaria and Nurr'amien, Naboria being the largest and most important of them. In the centre of the sphere there is Nenaiel, a yellow star similar to our own sun and that gives the name to the crystal sphere. Io created Nenaiel, and after creating powerful godlike creatures, he commanded them to create the worlds and their population. At the beginning there were six worlds but one was destroyed during the War of the Children. After the War of the Children the surviving Children became Gods, but Io was filled with sadness about the fate of his creation and decided to leave. He wept for the now mortal beings of Nenaiel and opened the links between Nenaiel and the other planes and placed all his love in one of his tears to keep the gates open, and he gave it to the immortals of Naboria to guard it. As he prophesied, other gods arrived from the Planes and many pantheons were created on Naboria. And his Children were known as the Ancient Gods, but he himself was no worshiped by mortals.

The Nenaietii, the Old Ones, were the original sapient race that populated Naboria. The immortal races of Naboria, saved by the sacrifice of their creators were the Durminaiel (dragons), the Uulhan (giants), the Saathylaiel (high elves), the Bairzhadur (high dwarves) and the Miinati (high humans). There are many mortal races, some natives and others who came from beyond the void. And with the passing of time some races disappeared, some degenerated, and there were many cross breeds that became separated races by themselves.


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