Links & Downloads

Here are some RPG related links. I know a lot of sites but I always forget to actualize this list, so forgive me :)

The Drunken Dwarf Inn A very good role play board centered on AD&D, but open to any role play system. Just look in...!
D&D Adventures A vast RPG site, including a game forum. The material is very good, but the fora lack a bit of maturity.
The Skeletalmage Archives A small D&D board.
FUZION Fuzion, from Talsorian Games, is the most universal, fast and easy role playing system that I know. It originated as a system for anime based action role playing. Simply the best!

Note This is a dead link, as the guy who owned the site decided now to sell what the offered for free during years! Anyway, keep looking for this system!!!

WOC - DnD Web Site Main Page of Wizards of the Coast, the actual owner of the rights for D&D, D&D and its predecessor AD&D are one of the best and oldest role playing systems.
Chaosium Home of the Call of Cthulhu RPG, Elric, Stormbringer and other nice RPGs. They have now D20 versions for CoC and Stormbringer.
White Wolf Games Home to Vampire The Masquerade, Werwolf: The Apocalyse, Mage: The Awakening, Wraith, Changeling and more. A group of RPG oriented to the "darker" part of ourself. Should be played only by mature and sane gamers, but...
Necromancer Games Necromancer Games uses the new D20 Open Licence from W.O.C. to create very exciting products. In my opinion, they are much better than the "originals" from W.O.C
Dream Pod 9 This company owns some vast anime like mecha role and table top game systems: Heavy Gear (classic mecha combat), Jovian Chronicles (more space oriented), Gear Krieg (WWII with mechas!) and Tribe 8.
Iron Kingdoms A small company with some awesome D&D products including the Witchfire Trilogy.
The Realm of Mythosa Bruce Gulke's home page. He did a great work and also created some very helpful utilities for role players. Visit it!
Alignment Quiz A very nice tool to determine your D&D based alignment. What is yours?

My Downloads

Here are some files I'd like to share with you.

Critical Hits and Fumbles An old D&D critical hits table modified to fit the new d20 rules. Hits are classified according to the weapon type: piercing, blunt and slashing. Fumbles are generic. Don't be a slave of the table; some results are not logical and you should modify them according to the situation.
XP Awards A quick reference about how to award XP to your players. Different methodes, including the one from the FR settings, are explained.
Character Sheet A practical CS for D&D.
Combined Reference Sheets A quick reference guide for DMs and players.
DM Reference Sheet A small sheet for DMs to keep track of the most important player info of up to four characters.
Infravision A nice article explaining Infravision. It can be applied to the b/w darkvision of d2!


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