There are numerous races that populate Naboria. The original inhabitants of Naboria were the Nenaietii. Other races, known as the Immortals followed. Through time, most of the immortal races disappeared and were forgotten. As the millenia passed, new weaker races appeared. Some became great and good, other wicked and evil. Many disappeared again, and most scholars are sure that new races will rise in times to come. These races are called the Mortals because unlike their ancestors their lives are brief and ephemeral.

This section describes the different races from Naboria. The Nenaietii and the Immortals are not suitable as player characters, as their unusually powerful and alien. The DM should not abuse them neither, because these being have become rare and their paths rarely cross the paths of mortals.

These are the races of Naboria:


Although they are older, the Nenaietii are generally counted to the Immortal because they share many of their characteristics. All Immortals have Regeneration 5, sometimes combined with higher Rapid Healing. Each immortal has an own secret weakness by which they can be killed. Some need silver weapons, other certain spells or certain environment. Possibilities are endless, although scholar believe that members of the same family, clan or even race share a similar weakness; so it is a common belief that the Saathylaiel are best fought using cold forged iron weapons. However, if reduced to twice its hp below zero, an Immortal would need some thousand years before regenerating again. Massive damage of at least five times their hp could kill an Immortal. Divine intervention also can bring death to an Immortal.


Millenia of relationship in form of trade, war, alliances, etc. between the descendants of the immortals produced many new races. The most numerous are the humans, elves and dwarves. Not all mortal races of Naboria originated from the immortal. Some races are the descendants of plane travellers and spell jammers who settled on Naboria, as well as their cross breeds with local races. Many races are now gone, although vestiges of their existence can be still found in ancient ruins. Some races have split into many sub-races with slightly different traits, however they remain members of the race as a whole.

  • Humans - No subraces known.
  • Elves - Blood Elves, Drow elves, Moon Elves, Sea Elves, Wild Elves, Wood Elves and Half Elves.
  • Dwarves - Ash Dwarves, Duergar, Norske Dwarves and Stone Dwarves.
  • Halflings - No subraces known. Descendants from Krynn kender and their cross breed with elves.
  • Gnomes - Mountain Gnomes, Wood Gnomes and Deep Gnomes. After the Apocalypse only Mountain Gnomes remain.
  • Enohri - Minotaurs.
  • Red Eyes - Azagishi and Maghati.
  • Black Breeds - Razghati, Shiibati and Zubhati.
  • Loah' - The octopus-like Loah' and their servants, the Kurr and the Bo'ro
  • Esheru - Wolven, Hakken, Lupins, Vulpians and Fennecs.
  • Ikkuru - Catmen
  • Slitheren - Ratmen
  • Lizardfolk - T'sa
  • Sahuagin - Evil aquatic race.
  • Other races


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