Races: The Immortals

All Immortals have Regeneration 5, sometimes combined with higher Rapid Healing. Each immortal has an own secret weakness by which they can be killed. Some need silver weapons, other certain spells or certain environment. Possibilities are endless, although scholar believe that members of the same family, clan or even race share a similar weakness; so it is a common belief that the Saathylaiel are best fought using cold forged iron weapons. However, if reduced to twice its hp below zero, an Immortal would need some thousand years before regenerating again. Massive damage of at least five times their hp could kill an Immortal. Divine intervention also can bring death to an Immortal.

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The Nenaietii are the original race from Naboria, created before the War of the Children. Legends describe them as beautiful creatures with golden eyes, long red hair, white skin and feathered wings. They were wise and strong and their knowledge was that of gods. In reality Nenaietii resemble humanoid dragons, both in size and body form. They have golden eyes but no hair. They body is covered by tiny scales that shine in different colours and their wings are dragon-like. They ruled the World for almost 150.000 years before the War of the Children came. After the war they left Naboria and went to search Io. No one knows if they will ever return to their home world or if they still exist. On Naboria there are still some ancient ruins that could contain some forgotten treasure of this mighty race.

Game Rules: All game technical knowledge about this race is reserved for the DM. If you're a DM and like to use this information, than mail me or re-create the Nenaietii as it suits in your campaign.



The Durminaiel, the creation of Durminec', are a race of immortal dragons. They are the more powerful race created after the Nenaietii. During the attack of Notec' many Durminaiel woke from their Eternal Sleep but were mortal. With mortality came a loss of power and they were not as powerful as before. However, they were still some of the most impressive creatures on Naboria. After some time they divided in clans and gave birth to the dragon races commonly known.

The remaining Durminaiel woke after the Apocalypse. No one has seen them, but some of the dragons fear them as they are many times stronger than the oldest dragon. Actually, there are only around 100 Durminaiel that survived the Apocalypse. They have spent the past 150 years building their nests, being careful not to be seen. Most of them are no longer interested on the fate of Naboria and the mortal races but some of them still remember how the mortals hated them and have begun to hate mortal as well.

Game Rules: All game technical knowledge about this race is reserved for the DM. If you're a DM and like to use this information, than mail me or re-create the Durminaiel as it suits in your campaign.



The Uulhan, the creation of Uul, are the ancestors of the giants. They were numerous and mighty. They created many powerful items and mastered some secret arts of magic. During the First Awakening as they call the time of Notec's attack, most of the Uulhan came back to life and degenerated to the actual giants.

The few Uulhan that survived for the Second Awakening have populated the Newborn Lands. Uulhan resemble the titans of Greek mythology, but are as variable in appearance as there are giant sub races. Every Uulhan is unique and has its own powers and abilities. This is an example of a Uulhan:

Abnihl (Gargantuan Uulhan)
Hit Dice: 35d10+210(366)
Initiative:0(natural ability, size)
Speed:60 ft., 120 ft. (fly)
AC: 36 (-4 size,+10 Dex, +15 natural, +5 breastplate)
Attacks:Gargantuan Warhammer +35/+30/+25
Damage:Gargantuan Warhammer 4d8+25
Face/Reach:20 ft. x 20 ft./20 ft.
Special Attacks:spells and spell like abilities
Special Qualities:Fast Healing 15, Elemental Resistance 10, Damage Reduction 25/+3, SR 35, Immortality
Saves:Fort +25, Will +25, Ref +25
Abilities:Str 50, Dex 30, Con 50, Int 30, Wis 25, Cha 21
Skills:Alchemy+30, Climb+30, Craft(Weapons)+45, Knowledge(Arcana)+45, Listen+25, Search+15, Spellcraft+45, Spot+25
Feats:Armor Proficiency(all), Combat Casting, Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave, Spell Penetration, Craft Magic Arms & Armours, Craft Rod, Craft Staff; Craft Wand, Craft Wondrous Item, Forge Ring, all Metamagic Feats
Climate:Any (the Newborn Lands)
Challenge Rating:45
Treasure:Varies (knowledge)
Alignment:Chaotic good

Abnihl is a soft hearted and lovely creature. She dislikes battle but she can fight quite well. She created most of the weapons for the Uulhan, although she was not the only one to do so. She has a bright blue skin, green eyes and black hair. She is a powerful magician, even for her kind, casting spells at 35th level. She knows all mage spells with exception of necromantic ones. In battle she would use her spells rather than her warhammer. She lives in a solitary mountain in the Newborn Lands, hiding from outsiders. She will use her magic to hide herself, but if discovered and attacked she would fight to death. She doesn't speak any of the modern languages, so that communication is only possibly via spells.



The Saathylaiel, the creation of Saathyl, are the ancestors of all elven races found on Naboria. They are beautiful creatures, soft and delicate but strong and determinate at the same time. In most legends they are referred to as feys or sidhe, a name given to them by plane travellers. Only few Saathylaiel remain from the First Awakening. Most of them settled in the forest of Loren or Nimur. The Saathylaiel from the Second Awakening have settled in the Newborn Lands and in some of the deserted islands scattered over the world. Although they are normally good, some have developed a deep hate for the mortals and have formed "hunting bands". Not even their descendants are spared when these bands go for a hunt. But most of the Saathylaiel of the Second Awakening prefer the solitude of their realms and they would call anyone who can find them welcome. Elves call the Saathylaiel High Elves.

Physical description: Saathylaiel look like the stereotypical elf. They are tall and slender, pale, with golden eyes and silvery hair. They wear clothes in soft, pastel colours and sing most of the time. Their movements are swift and their step silent. They never wear metal armour or weapons. If they need to, their armoury is made from crystal, light, wind or plants.


  • +4 Dex, +4 Int, +4 Cha, -2 Str, -2 Con.
  • Medium size.
  • Base movement: 50 feet.
  • Immunity to all enchantment spells and effects.
  • Immunity to all death spells and effects.
  • SR 30.
  • Darkvision, unlimited.
  • Keen senses: +10 to all Listen, Search and Spot checks.
  • Favoured Class: Wizard.
  • Saathylaiel have an ECL+5 and are normally not available as PC.



The Bairzhadur, the creation of Baiin, are the ancestors of most of the dwarven races found on Naboria. They are powerful creatures with a natural bound to the earth. They are skilled crafters and created the ancient runic magic. The Bairzhadur of the First Awakening have all evolved to the actual dwarven races. Only twenty of them are still alive and wander as sages, unrecognized by all but their kin. The Bairzhadur of the Second Awakening have settled in the mountains of the Reborn Land and in the Pillars of Heaven on Nimur.

Physical description: Bairzhadur look like dwarves with black skin and golden hair. They are slightly larger and stronger than normal dwarves and can web magic spells. They often wear fine crafted armours and weapons. Men have long beards and women wear their beautiful long hair in complicate coiffures.


  • +4 Str, +4 Con, +4 Wis, -2 Dex, +2 Cha.
  • Medium size.
  • Base movement 30 feet.
  • +5 bonus on all Fortitude and Will saving.
  • Elemental Resistance 5.
  • SR 20.
  • Dark Vision, unlimited.
  • +5 bonus to any Craft check.
  • Detect Mineral, Bairzhadur can detect and recognize any mineral within 100 meter/level. Due to their affinity to minerals and metal, Bairzhadur are not affected by metal armour while casting arcane spells.
  • Favoured Class: Fighter or Wizard (choose one at character creation).
  • Bairzhadur have an ECL+5 and are normally not available as PC.



The beautiful Miinati are the ancestors of many of the humanoid races of Naboria, but are the most related to humans. Sages have come to call them High Humans. Miinati were the creation of Miibel, and one of the last races to be created. They are very adaptable and soon after their creation they cross-bred with other races giving birth to new races. Almost no Miinati woke during the First Awakening and the few that did so became rulers of Empires and grounders of great Families. But due to the curse of Notec', they lived only a few thousand years. The Miinati from the Second Awakening have settled in some remote islands and some have travelled to Loren and Nimur to settle there. A few have joined forces with people from the Fallen Lands against the Theocracy of Notec'.

Physical description: Miinati are as variant as humans are, but with beautiful features. Some of them carry traces of other immortal races and some of them are able to shapechange. Many of them have features normally not found in humans, especially strange hair and eye colour. Very few have even distinctive skin coloration. They wear very practical clothes, although they love jewels and other decorative accessories.


  • +2 Int, +2 Con, +4 Cha.
  • Medium size.
  • Base movement 30 feet.
  • +1 bonus on all Ref and Will saves.
  • SR 20.
  • Darkvision, unlimited.
  • +5 bonus to a skill chosen at character creation.
  • Two bonus feats at 1st level.
  • Double intelligence bonus for skill points.
  • Favoured Class: Fighter or Wizard (choose one at character creation).
  • Miinati have an ECL+5 and are normally not available as PC.
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