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Other races.

Of course many other races can be found in Naboria, although they are not as important as the races mentioned here. Most can be found in the different monster manuals and can be used as PC if the DM allows. Some of these races include aracocra, beholder, gnolls, flinds, illithids, tieflings, ogre-mages, tengu, kenku, yuan-ti, hengeyokai, trolls, half-trolls and were-creatures. These build only minor settlements, live in the settlements of other races or can be found living solitary in the wilderness. If I find the time I may include more races in the main description part, also depending on the advancement of my players.

Of the cross-breeds

Most races on Naboria are of magical origin, as most of them are descendants of the Immortals. Thus, most races are able to produce offspring if mated with members of other races. However, these events are seldom and only a few "half"-races, like half-elves, bo'ro and half-azagishi are common. However, other cross-breeds are possible but again, as they remain seldom they cannot be handled as "races" but as single events (or accidents?). The DM may allow or ban cross-breeds from any given "original" races of Naboria as he wishes. Players are encouraged to use the races given here instead of creating new (sometimes absurd) cross-breeds.


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