Mortal Races - The Sahuagin

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The Sahuagin

After the Loah', the Sahuagin are the largest marine culture in Naboria's oceans. They arrived in Naboria as part of the armies of Notec' - a gift to him from their dark God Sekolah. The settlements of the Loah' are located either too near to river estuaries or far too deep as that they would compete with sahuagin for living place. However, in some regions there are continuously fights between loah' and sahuagin. Often sahuagin attack loah' settlements that offered shelter to sea elves. Sahuagin hate and fear the life shaping abilities of the loah', because this is completely against their sense of racial purity.

Sahuagin society is violent; strength and fear are the common tools of rulership. The priestesses of Sekolah hold great power, equaled only by the bravest warriors of high ranks. The weak are offered in sacrifice to their blood-thirsty god. The hatred of the sahuagin for the sea elves is ancient and their extermination war against them is regarded as a holy task.

Sahuagin have following traits:

  • +4 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Con, +4 Int, +2 Wis, -2 Cha (as by the MC).
  • Speed: 30 feet, 60 feet Swim.
  • Size: Medium to Large, depending on age (see below)
  • +5 natural armour bonus to AC.
  • Natural attacks: bite 1d4-1, talons 1d4.
  • Blindsense (Ex): 30 feet underwater.
  • Blood Frenzy: Once per day, when a sahuagin is wounded, he may enter a blood frenzy, fighting until it or it's opponent is dead. The frenzy grants +2 Con and +2 Str, but causes a -2 AC penalty. The sahuagin cannot end its frenzy voluntarily.
  • Rake (Ex)
  • Freshwater sensibility.
  • Light Blindness (Ex): Sudden exposition to bright light blinds a sahuagin for one round. A sahuagin is dazzled when exposed to bright light.
  • Speak with sharks (Ex): Simple telepathic link with any shark 150 feet away.
  • Water dependent: A sahuagin can survive outside water for one hour per 2 points of Con. After that they begin to drown normally.
  • Skills: +8 racial bonus on swim checks. Sahuagin can take 10 on any swim check. +4 racial bonus to Hide underwater. +4 racial bonus to Profession (hunter) within 50 miles of its home. +4 racial bonus on Handle Animals (shark).
  • Favoured Class: Male, Rager; Female, Cleric.
  • ECL +2


Age, height and weight

Sahuagin are a strange species. They can become over 1000 years old and they grow constantly during their entire lives, with their skin becoming darker and losing any markings.

They remain vigorous, not showing sign of aging. After reaching 600 years the growth increment is minimal but still given. As males grow older they must win a death challenge to attain a new status including new privileges and responsibilities. Females are smaller than males. Reproductive females have a life span of around 200 years and stop growing after reaching adulthood, while priestesses life as long as males and continue growing.

Thus, no specific table applies to sahuagin. Instead, refer to following table to see how large and old a given sahuagin can be.

Height and weight are the maximal values for each status.

Table 1: Sahuagin Ages and Sizes

Status (male)Age HeightWeightStatus (female) Age HeightWeight
Hatchling 0 - ½ 0.25 m1 kg Hatchling 0 - ½0.25 m1 kg
Warrior ½ - 301.80 m100 kgNormal female ½+ 1.72 m90 kg
Lieutenant 30 - 70 1.90 m107 kgUnder Priestess 1 - 20 1.80 m100 kg
Chieftain 70 - 150 2.05 m115 kgUnder Priestess 20 - 40 1.85 m103 kg
Baron, young 150 - 190 2.15 m120 kgUnder Priestess 40 - 60 1.90 m106 kg
Baron, old 190 - 280 2.30 m130 kgUnder Priestess 60 - 80 1.95 m110 kg
Prince 280 - 350 2.55 m140 kgSenior Priestess 80 - 100 2.00 m113 kg
Royal Guard 350 - 440 2.65 m150 kgSenior Priestess 100 - 140 2.15 m116 kg
King 600+ 2.80 m160 kgRoyal Under Priestess140 - 350 2.30 m130 kg
High Priestess 350 - 440 2.40 m140 kg
Royal High Priestess 350 - 440 2.60 m145 kg


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