House Rules

House Rules

The campaign in the world of Naboria has been running for the last 5 years with different groups. As I began creating Naboria, we played AD&D 2nd Edition with the Players' Options books. Although most names and characteristics are my own inventions or were born during ongoing role-play, some material refers to material published by TSR/Wizards of the Coast. In those cases the copyright remains by them.

This page presents some house rules for addapting my campaign to the D20 rules and are part of the open game licence of WotC. If you wish to use some or all of this content for your own campaign you can, but it would be nice if you let me know first, so that I know where it's been used and how it works for other people. Any other material description, maps, drawings) not refering to AD&D or D&D, but to the world of Naboria, is copyright of Gustavo A. Anzola Jürgenson (me).

This section is divided in:

General Rules: about character creation, which optional rules from DMG I use, and rules that I created myself (these can be modified if I don't like them later).

Skills: modifications to existing skills and new skills.

Feats: modifications to existing feats and new ones.

Alternative Magic System: about the magic systems used in Naboria

New Spells: new spells and old AD&D spells with 3E rules (If WotC releases official 3E versions for spells, they will be used instead).

New Equipment: new or modified weapons, armours, etc.


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